A horrible light Theme for nostalgics for Firefish with Windows95 style.

Name: Windows95

	id: '5384950261648596',
	name: 'Windows95',
	author: '@sky@skyland.social',
	desc: 'Light theme',

	base: 'light',

	props: {
	accent: '#ffffff',
	bg: '#008080',
	fg: '#000000',
	fgHighlighted: '#000000',
	panel: '#C0C0C0',
	header: 'rgba(40, 44, 52, 0.75)',
	navBg: '#008080',
	navFg: '@fg',
	navHoverFg: '#008080',
	navActive: '#008080',
	navIndicator: '@accent',
	link: '#FFFFFF',
	mention: '#FFFFFF',
	hashtag: '#FFFFFF',
	renote: '#FFFFFF',
	pageBg: '@bg',
	divider:'rgba(31, 34, 40, 0.7)',

Made with love and sleeplessness by Sky.
Link to the Theme in the Fediverse. Feel free to use and enjoy.

Licence: CC-BY-SA 4.0

Install Theme: Copy code and paste it under „Settings => Themes => Install a theme“ and click on „Install“. You can also click „Preview“ before installing.

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